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      Why do you a lot of poor quality of LED flat light?

      1, the structure characteristics
      LED flat light compared with other lamps and lanterns unique structure, the main light source, light guide, diffuser, reflection paper, driving power and so on, more than any other lamps and lanterns, diffuser, reflection of light guide plate paper, such as the LED back light structure of the product.
      The LED light source
      LED flat light manufacturers in the use of LED light source are basically adopts SMD patch series, such as 3528, 3014, etc. LED flat light manufacturers facing market is dynamic, the manufacturer will choose according to the actual needs of customers for products meet the design requirements of the light source. The choice to product performance improvement of LED light source is very critical, is one of the important factors that improve the quality of the LED flat light.
      Guide plate
      Is the role of guide plate LED point light source the light through the optical technology transformation ?
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