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      The anatomy of the market of Led project-light lamp manufacturer

      LED has been quite a number of domestic enterprises, the intervention to the market development of LED indoor lighting products, according to the survey, the present domestic all kinds of indoor LED lighting lamps and lanterns. Has commercial LED ball bubble lamp, fluorescent lamp, canister light, shoot the light, such as lamps and lanterns, compared with foreign manufacturers reported LED products, the current LED lighting products price has certain advantages.
      Although there have been LED lights replace traditional lighting lamps and lanterns of application cases. Indoor lighting huge market has been LED enterprise attention. Many businesses have confidence in LED indoor lighting application market. So many indoor lighting places, different segments of lamps and lanterns is often have different requirements, the reporter interviewed some industry experts and companies, looking forward to more your point of view.
      How to enter indoor lighting market LED products
      The chorography of fudan university
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