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      The advantages and disadvantages of LED street lamp is what _LED street lamp

      The LED street lamp
      Introduction of Led street lamp
      So-called led street light, is a kind of using light-emitting diodes (leds) as the main materials to use in outdoor lamps and lanterns, it can shine, mainly because we use the weak electricity can make the semiconductor PN junction to achieve the effect of light, which means that we are in a positive bias voltage and current situation, the spread of injected electrons in P and N area after radiative recombination and emit light.
      The advantages of Led lights
      Led lights are widely popular with the people of the forehead, because they have the following advantages:
      1, led street lamp design is to use the secondary optical design form, we will be led street lamp lighting area light to need, can make the light more efficient, therefore, in the ?
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