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        Outdoor lamps and lanterns of application Should strengthen the ground lightning/anti surge protection design

        Also mentioned that in front of the indoor use of LED lighting, in the use of the environment is relatively simple and supply mains supply voltage/current is relatively stable, adopts the basic over voltage, overload, short circuit and the high temperature power/off load design is quite enough, is set in the outdoor LED street lamp, landscape lamp, garden lamp and so on, only the basic driving power of safety protection is still insufficient. Outdoor lamps and lanterns is in the state of the power of the biggest challenges still lies in the power supply instability and rainy days ground lightning weather problems, the supply voltage instability driven electric Louis causes components ageing, this part of the problem of high environmental tolerance available advanced components improve the life of the drive power supply, but must be specific solutions to improve ground lightning.For easy ground lightning, rain more area, the household。
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